High quality glass railing in stainless steel
Our stainless steel glass railing ST Prime is made of high quality materials and has a classic design. For indoors we use stainless steel quality AISI 304, and for outdoors we’re using AISI 316L (acid-proof stainless steel).

You can customize our stainless steel glass railing to your liking: With or without handrail, the look of the handrail, how to assemble your railing (on top or on the side) and which kind of glass you want. This is just some of the choices you can make in our design tool.

With or without handrail
If you don’t want a handrail you’ll be able to choose the height of the glass in relation to the posts which you will see in 3D before you make the decision.

Our glass railings are always delivered with safe, laminated glass that are 8.76 mm thick and has sanded and polished edges. Laminated glass consists of two glass sheets with plastic film in between, which means that the glass sticks together even if one of the sheets should break.

You can choose from clear, ultra clear, opal (frosted) or grey tinted glass. If you are going to assemble the railing in an environment where it will be exposed to repeated external impacts, you can choose a tempered and laminated glass.