Gypsum ceilings are the most common form of false ceilings. They are extremely versatile and perfect to create intricate designs. They are contiguous and meld without traces of any edges/seems and can be done in rounded edges. Vintage to luxurious; Chic to classic, all kinds of designs are possible here; this when combined with modern lighting fixtures, they give a surreal feel to the room.

Further, newer boards are available that have enhanced qualities like moisture resistance, fire resistance or sound proofing. In general, the important benefits of gypsum ceilings are (a) Design aesthetics, (b) Uniform lighting, (c) Thermal Insulation, (d) Better Sound proofing, and (e) Energy efficiency.

State of The Art Ceiling Services
Suspended ceilings, also known as Dropped ceilings, are an essential part of architectural and constructional works in modern times. They can either be used in commercial or residential structures. The metal grid systems are use to hold the tiles in place.

We supply and install state of the art suspended ceilings systems in Uganda and throughout EastAfrica. Our installations are carried out to the highest standards and all of our work conforms with the current legislations.